Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1/100 Alteisen Coolsome!

Kotobukiya's 1/100 Alteisen has got to be the best Super Robot Wars model kits around at the moment :D

This kit also includes a pre-painted figure of Kyosuke Nanbu, the pilot of Alteisen. Not sure about the scale though.

The horn in front of the head is molded in clear plastic for extra shininess ^^

As mentioned in my previous posting, the eyes do light up, and in a really cool blue color some more ^^

The battery (more than one batteries may be needed though) is stored in the backpack. As seen from the split on the helmet, Kotobukiya's molding technology is still not very promising. What about their dealing in the LED and wiring of this kit then, I wonder.

Last year's 1/100 SRW kit, Huckebein Mk. II is no fight for Alteisen in terms of size.

My goodness! o_O

Not sure about you, but this big red machine is really hot on my list right now, which is getting longer by each day ToT Maybe after MG Unicorn?

Decision... decision... -_-

On the other hand, if red isn't your choice of color, Kotobukiya presents you a blue Alteisen called Alteisen Nacht, a.k.a. Alteisen Wannabe or Samurai Alteisen XD

Content wise, I believe it's just the original version in a different color plus the new Katana.

Being a heavy robot, a Katana is not really a suitable weapon, at least in terms of the model kit ^^; Looks like Gundam Virtue with a beam saber to me. Well, maybe better than that :)

Without the Katana, there really isn't much difference than the red one.

The Katana looks nice, but I highly suspect heavy painting is needed.
The price is 3,200 Yen, that's the price of the original Alteisen and 400 Yen extra for the Katana!

Finally, some more images of MG Unicorn, which are evidently from the previous Plamo Radicon Show, only clearer and bigger -_-

Well, after this we can go back and continue with our drooling for December to come XD

All images from Hong Kong Model League.