Monday, November 19, 2007

Transformers Animated - Decepticons

After the forces of good, we look at the Decepticons toys for Transformers Animated today.

When it comes to the Decepticons, How can we not start with Lord Megatron? XD

The toy version on the right looks very different from the Samurai version :-D on the left. Like Optimus Prime, I believe he has Cybertron and Earth forms as well.

The spacecraft looks like a continuation from the movie's version.

Starscream is probably the closest character designed to the original Transformers in this series.

The toy looks quite cool :) But the face sure looks funny XD

The fighter jet form looks very nice as well.

Soundwave is no longer a radio but a van? with electronic guitar some more XD
By the way, I sure hope Soundwave can come out in the second Transformers movie, complete with the very mechanical voice too ^^

Blitzwing's head sure looks like Megatron.

He has two types of vehicle forms! Cool! But he still loses to Six Shot XD

This is Lugnut, definitely the Bulkhead equivalence for the Decepticons.

This is Lockdown, very slim and tall (20 cm for the toy).

Look! A transformable Batmobile XD

Black Arachnia is the only female Transformers announced so far for the Animated series. Too bad the title didn't go to Archee.

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