Friday, November 23, 2007

HG 1/144 Kyrios and Tieren

You can no check out the content and construction manual for HG 1/144 Kyrios and Tieren Ground Type on Hobby Search.

For me, I'm intending to collect all the four Gundams in 1/100 scale, so the smaller 1/144 HG is out on my list. I sure hope that a display base of some sort is included for the 1/100 version instead of needing to get an Action Display Base to mount Kyrios in his MA mode.

The very simplistic transformation of Kyrios allows the model to have about the same articulation level as the other Double O mecha like Exia and Dynames.

Tieren Ground Type is a really interesting kit. I believe Bandai designed his articulation to be much more agile than how he appeared in the anime so far XD By the way, I have to apologize about my previous posting saying that the shield on his left leg can be switched to the right. I read the manual and saw that the joints are different for both legs. So the shield is only for the left leg, unless you do some modification to the right leg.

The most heavyweight Double O so far? ^^

Molded only in green and gray, the orange parts for the machine gun near the shoulders near painting, but stickers are included of course.

I wonder if he will come out as a 1/100 model as well?

Also, for those of you who are interested to provide a proper base for your models to stand on, Kotobukiya's Mechanical Chain Base series is back. Designed to mimic the interior of the mecha's hangar, there are some accessories that come together with these display bases, like crates, launch pad, and mini trailer. Quite cool, and I believe they can be combined to form a longer one. Since they come from the same manufacturer, I think they are compatible with the previously released Base 01, 02 and 03 as well. Each of these bases is 1,000 Yen.

Mechanical Chain Base 004

Mechanical Chain Base 005

Mechanical Chain Base 005

All images from Hobby Search.