Monday, November 05, 2007

Gundam 00 Episode 5

Gundam 00 Episode 5: Breakaway Limit Zone is out. I watched it on Tudou just now, and found this episode extremely interesting. In short, Gundam Kyrios is involved in an emergency rescue mission in space, and this time, both the Celestial Beings and the military force they are opposing put aside the fight and cooperated for the mission.

Respect ^^ especially to Commander Sergei Smirnov, the pilot of Tieren who worked with Allelujah for the rescue. Having being KO-ed so badly by Exia in Episode 3, he didn't have any hatred towards the Gundam Meisters, but focused on the lives he had to save at that moment.

Also, I think starting from this episode, we'll get more insights into each of the Gundam Meisters's background and characteristics. This episode for example, is mainly about Allelujah and his negative childhood experience in space.

On the other hand, this episode materialized the idea of Newtype-like response in Gundam 00. In the last episode, we only get to hear about the "Super-soldier" project of the Human Reform League when Soma Peiris was introduced. In this episode, both she and Allelujah showed some signs of telepathic connection, and the girl even went into "berserker mode" because of that ^^; Do the other Gundam Meisters have such ability? We have to wait for more episodes in the future to find out about that.

Some other key points in this episode:
(1) Louise Halevy
(2) Pink Tieren XD
(4) Cloud cutting XD

Since this posting is about Gundam 00, I think I'll just slip in the photo of the upcoming HG 1/144 Gundam Virtue. As compared to the FG version, more colors are molded, and its articulation seems OK to me, despite the bulky armor. Plus, it comes with a beam saber (maybe two), which is a weapon we haven't see Virtue use yet.

Available in early December, 1,500 Yen. Image from Hobby Japan magazine December issue.

Plus, super hot figurines from Gundam 00! ^^ They are Banpresto Gundam 00 DX Heroine Figures 3 for mid May 2008. Not sure how fans can get them, but they sure look very tempting ^^

Felt Grace (left) and Christina Sierra.

Images from GA Graphic.

That'll be all for this posting, I'll have to go and treat my nose-bleeding now ^^;