Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MG Unicorn & 1/60 Exia

Solid photos of the last MG for 2007, Gundam Unicorn from Hobby Shop Kasare. ^^

Cool! But I still don't understand the transformation gimmicks of the armor pieces ^^;
The price is 5,250 Yen. Images from Hobby Shop Kasare.

Also coming out in December is the huge 1/60 Gundam Exia. Apart from the size, plenty of details all over the body. With painting and panel-lining, it sure looks much better than the 'raw' assembled version mentioned many moons ago. With all the details and articulation, which shouldn't be a problem given Bandai's current technology, does it mean that there is no hope for Exia to come out in PG format anymore?

The price is 4,725 Yen. Images from Hobby Shop Kasare.

Finally, Zeonography Ex-Set Qubeley & Qubeley Mk. II will be available by the end of December. Absolutely awesome with the almost metallic-like coating of all the parts. The price is of course 'awesome' as well: a whopping 8,190 Yen. Definitely not on my list of purchase.

Haman-sama, why can't you come out as an individual release? Why must you be bundled with Mk. II? I have no budget for you already >_< Amiami.

Finally, updates on this month's HG 1/100 Gundam Exia. Although Bandai Hobbysite reported that the release date for that kit is tomorrow (8 November), some folks in Japan are already assembling it-leh~ Since this kit is hot on my list, I'm paying serious attention to all the information I can get about it ^^

All images from Gunpla Secret Factory.

All the parts for 1/100 Exia

The armor for the ankle is molded in one piece.

Something not available for the HG 1/144 version: beam sabers and beam daggers.

Parts for the head, you can see some details in the 'lanes' of the helmet.

Even in 1/100 scale, quite a lot of stickers are needed. Something which the possible MG in the future can look into for improvement?

Without painting/sticker and panel-lining, the head sure looks a bit 'off'. I'm a bit disappointed that the yellow verniers on the cheek need painting :( And what's with the very obvious split on the forehead >_<