Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yet Another RX-78-2 EDITED

A limited edition MG RX-78-2 Ver. OYW (TV Color Ver.) as part of the promotion for Gundam Movie Trilogy Memorial Box Set. The price is 5,250 Yen, and will only be available within the period of 20 November 2007 and 31 January 2008. Make up your mind fast if you want to get this kit ^^

An awesome box cover design, featuring the Last Shooting scene from the anime.

Special coating for all the parts. Nice ^^

The articulation isn't really the selling point here though, since it's just the same as the original kit.

All images from Yahoo!.

EDITED: a bit of update on Gundam Unicorn from SRW Hotnews:

Beam saber 'hidden' in the forearms of Unicorn! Now that's something new ^^
BTW, this is the first photo of Unicorn having some sort of action instead of the usual standing-looking-very-cool pose XD.