Saturday, November 03, 2007

Childhood Nostalgia 4 - Power Rangers Trading Card

This is the 300th posting on my blog ^^

Do you collect trading cards when you were a kid? I did :-) Back in those days, kids in my neighborhood call them 'Power Cards', as most of them were designed with a "video-game"-like feel, with life and power rating of that particular character. Some were printed on shiny background, which were extremely rare.

Trading cards are still quite a hit nowadays, as you can find them even in the world of Gundam. They are called game cards right? You can actually have card game with your friends using them, like in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh. But back in those days, we know the cards we get are just bluff-lah XD because I remember seeing a card for Doraemon designed with H/P and power rating!

You can get these cards in packets of snacks worthed 20 cents from the grocery store back then. I would happily munched away the snack when I got a new one; but if it was a card I already have, then the snack felt tasteless. I can't remember how many packs of snacks I ate to get them. My family owned a grocery store, mind you. So, before the snacks were put on sale, half of them must have been in my stomach already XD

These are the original Power Rangers from Japan, called Zyuranger. The major difference between them and their American comrades, is that the Yellow Ranger is a male.

The back of the cards featured Kamen Riders, and Gosei Sentai Dairanger. The two cards at the bottom are gifts by my friend.

But the Power Rangers cards I'm introducing here is different. It must be in Primary Six (1996) when I got these cards, and through a very funny way as well.

Trading cards or game cards, are listed among the many banned items in my school. If you're caught with such items during spot-check, not only will your goodies be confiscated, you'll get a few strokes of the cane as well (yes, back in the old days, teachers still preserved the right to use physical punishment on kids). So on one faithful day after school, I found the stack of Power Rangers cards mysteriously placed in my bag. Then I remembered there were rumors about teachers planning a spot-check that day, and many students scrambled to hide their goodies. It must be some desperate kids who got the news late and just tossed the cards into by bag before the recess period was over.

What did I do? I ran home as quickly as possible before the owner came to claim it back from me! Muahahahaha~

Happy happy ^0^

After that day, I observed for a few days for suspicious people trying to get the cards back. But no, the cards seemed to be fallen into my bag from Heaven. After another few days, I couldn't take it anymore, and asked around about the cards, but all my friends shook their heads. Maybe the real owner didn't want to admit it because of embarrassment? or maybe they didn't want the feeling of guilt if I were canned for their cards. Maybe the person didn't want our friendship to be tainted by that. Friendship, and sometimes brotherhood meant a hell lot simpler to us kids as compared to now.

Although these scenes are clearly from Zyuranger, I remember seeing them in Power Rangers as well, completely the same!

Some cards weren't from 'Heaven' though XD. When it was time to leave the school after Primary Six, some of my friends gave some cards as gifts along with the autograph book I asked them to sign, which are very memorable as well.

Cards given by my friend: on the left is Kakure Daishogun, the God General of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. If you remember them well, it is also the Megazord of the American Power Rangers in their 1995 movie. On the right is Great Icarus, the ultimate giant robot in Chojin Sentai Jetman.

Cards appeared from nowhere, and cards given by childhood friends sure are among the most treasured items in my collection :-)