Monday, November 19, 2007

Gundam 00 Episode 7

Just watched Episode 7 of Gundam Double O on Tudou.

This is by far the grimmest episode I think, as the huge scale armed intervention between the four Gundams and the forces of AEU and Moralia continues from last week. The combat scenes are still brilliant and exciting, but this time, we get to see the side-products of war, for example report on body count, destruction of civilian lives and buildings, countries seeking to expand their political influence, and worst, spawning of more hatred and terrorist activities. No more fun and game this time.

Also, I said once that there wasn't much character development in the previous episodes of Double O, this episode improves a lot on that, as we see a lot of 'interaction' between the four Gundam Meisters. Not a happy one, but we get to understand more of each other's characteristics. In my opinion, two of the Gundam Meisters are more humane, while the other two are really, er, strange ^^;

In short, Plenty of dramas and emotion this time, but I can't say that I enjoyed it as much as the previous epsiodes. At least, at the end of the episode, the main thing I remember is not the battle scenes, but something else.

Gundam Exia shows increased strength with the change in Setsuna's emotion, what sort of design is that I wonder?

Beam barrier on Virtue! o_O

On the other hand, Gunota Headlines reported that Gundam Double O is scheduled to air October next year. Unbelievable, long before the arrival of Gundam Double O, a whole series of merchandises were planned and reviewed; now we are just seven episodes into the anime, and Season 2 is already being announced! Does that mean Season One we are watching now will not reach a conclusive end by the last episode? And the whole story will kind-of 'continue' into Season Two? Everything is still too early to speculate at this moment though.

Anyway, one certain thing is, we are getting another seasons of Gundam anime next year. Wuhhuh~ ^o^