Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatu Mina Custom

What a long name this fella got!

I'm not sure how well you know this mecha. I just did a bit of research on him since Bandai is scheduled to released the 1-100 scale model for this mecha, coming out in July at the price of 4000 Yen (same price as Master Grade ZZ Gundam!) according to Hobby Shop Midori.

Here a bit of information on Astray Gold Frame Amatu (A.G.F.A.): The storyline is in Gundam SEED Astray, the side-story of SEED. You would probably know Gundam Astray Red Frame, the one with a Samurai Sword (please refer to the review on the 1-144 Scale model I posted quite a while ago). Along with P02 Red Frame, two other Astrays were produced, namely P03 Blue Frame and P01 Gold Frame. All the three mecha were produced on Heliopolis, the same place Strike and t other four GAT-X series Gundam were born. Same with the five Gundams, the Astrays were meant for the Earth Alliance to battle the MS forces of ZAFT. However, the pioneer behind the Astray project, Orb Union decided to keep the project as a secret and send people to destroy the three prototypes. All three of them survived however, and Gold Frame landed in the hand of a Coordinator named Rondo Ghina Sahaku. After several battles, Astray Gold Frame was damaged and was overhauled to become A.G.F.A., which features many unique types of equipment such as an additional mono-eye sensor on its head, and the arm unit salvaged from Blitz Gundam. The salvaged arm gave A.G.F.A. a deadly combat ability, the 'Mirage Colloid'. When activated, it renders the MS invisible to enemy radar, making it a perfect stealth assassin. The main armament of A.G.F.A. is 'Maga-no-Ikutachi' (Living Sword of Evil), which is some sort of equipment to drain the energy of enemy MS in close range. Rondo used this MS to deepen the confusion and hatred between ZAFT and the Earth Alliance, hoping to use that situation to his own benefit. Anyway, A.G.F.A. was defeated, and its pilot was killed by Astray Blue Frame Second L.

The story of A.G.F.A. doesn't end there. The twin sister of Rondo Ghina Sahaku, Rondo Mina repaired the damaged MS and equipped it with two more armaments, hip sabers and a claw on its left arm. Rondo Mina continues to use this MS to fight on behalf of his dead brother.

The model to be released this July is the one used by Rondo Mina, as you can see from the photo below that the hip saber and the trademark claw on its left arm is also available. But I guess you can just take off the hip saber and the claw, and you will get the MS piloted by Rondo Ghina. I think many people would like to have this model, since the golden coated parts make the model quite exquisite. For folks in Kuching, you need to hold your wallets for two months to lay your hands on this babe.

Images are from MAHQ.net and Hobby Shop Midori.

Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatu Mina Custom, see the hip saber and the left arm claw?

Prototype of the coming model from Bandai