Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upcoming Gundam Merchandises Images

The Gundam Base.Side 1 website always comes up with some pretty cool and up-close images on upcoming Gundam stuff. This time the website gives us some sharp images on HCM Pro Sazabi, HGUC GP02A and HCM Pro White base punitive set.

HCM Pro Sazabi seems absolutely fabulous to me. The posibility is excellent; you can pose him in a butt kicking action; see the images from the link for yourself. But I wonder why the website always attaches the URL at his xxx part in all the images? :-D

HGUC GP02A is another big time release. Fans of Anavel Gato have waited six years since the release of HGUC GP01 for this kit to arrive. The face design doesn't seem good to me though; the big guy looks a bit sleepy :-P Anyway, since it's in HGUC format, the model should have no problem in lifting and holding its shield, whereas in its Master Grade format, the heavy shield which prevents the model from holding it right was the biggest disappointment back then. It is unknown at the moment, whether the display-stand shown here is included, or you have to get it from other HGUC kits.

The last one on the list is HCM pro White Base punitive set, featuring a previously released Zaku II Type J, the Magella Attack Tank and Cui Land Carrier. The extra would be the clear sticker to enhance the three kits, including a sexy model’s picture, for the Zaku II’s shoulder shield and a Zeon motto which turned out to be grammatically wrong :-D