Friday, June 09, 2006

HCM-Pro Sazabi

Among the Gundam merchandises coming out next July is this impressive HCM-Pro Sazabi. MSN-04 Sazabi is the last mobile suit for Char Aznable, and the red giant truly represents the Red Comet himself. Not only the color scheme, the design of the helmet is based on the helmet worn by Char is UC0079. Sazabi is one of my favorite mecha, and the Master Grade version has been on my top priority list for a very long time (Just can’t get it here in Kuching!). The HCM-Pro version is equally good, with the details of the legs, and all the action it can pose. With Sazabi coming out in July, I bet Nu Gundam will be out as well before the end of this year.

Images are from Hobby Link Japan.

Box Image of HCM-Pro Sazabi Item details