Wednesday, June 28, 2006

ITA 1:0 AUS Man of the match: Luis Medina Cantalejo

Italy sent the Australians packing with a controversial one nil victory in the World Cup second stage match 2 days ago. The match was not of my particular interest, since I support neither team. After watching the match, I felt that the conspiracy theory is at play again, and there seems to be a tie with Italy’s World Cup experience in 2002.

Italy's games for me were always boring. Their defense was the strongest among in the world, most of the times, their opponents’ ball only circles around the midfield. Having said that, it would seem impossible for the Sorceroos to even reach Gianluigi Buffon.

The Australian did a great job in their offense, utilizing many chances to score. The goal possession at one point was Italy 41% and Australia 59%, quite impressive. I kind of feel sorry for them at one point, as their attempts kept bouncing off the Italian wall, especially Fabio Cannavaro, who kept his yard clean of any Socceroos.

Walau, like this also red card, sure or not?

Materazzi’s dismissal in the second half gave some light for the Australian side as Italy was down to ten men. Lippi immediately substituted his striker with a defender, which made the game even harder for Australians and much more boring for the viewers.

It's a huge man on the ground lah, brother. You still miss him and tumble? No wonder you can't score in 90 minutes.

Perhaps it was time for the Azzuri to avenge their humiliation of World Cup 2002, as we saw the referee played a huge part in the final score line of the match. At the very last minute of stoppage time, Grosso earned Italy a penalty from a seemingly Australian tackle, although he looked like diving to me. Francesco Totti scored the penalty, and Australia is out. A controversial penalty scored by an Italian played who was sent off controversially in World Cup 2002. The referee, Luis Medina Cantalejo of Spain became the avenger for Italy.

Schwarzer saw the penalty well, just can't reach it. Well, maybe yellow and green is not the lucky color this time?

I don’t know, maybe he was in rush of going to the loo?

Images are from FIFA World Cup Germany 2006.