Monday, June 26, 2006

Upcoming Gundam Stuff

One of the merchandises coming soon, GFF Crossbone Gundam X-3
Hobby Net Web Shopping and ESToys review several Gundam merchandises to be released soon. The date of release, as well as the price, unfortunately, were not mentioned. Anyway, let's have a peek at what Bandai is up to recently:

Cosmic Region Akatsuki – should be interesting to see how Bandai remold the golden knight of Orb to match the quality of Cosmic Region Strike Freedom, Destiny and Infinite Justice

EMSiA Atmospheric Re-entry set – a re-colored EMSiA Gundam Mk-II plus a Flying Armor. Bandai shows their “frying cold rice” tactic again.

MSiA Providence Gundam – Finally, a match for MSiA Freedom and Justice. But, isn’t it quite late to revive the SEED mecha now?

MSiA Baund Doc – a strange looking transformable MA from Zeta Gundam. This fella got the biggest butt of all the mecha in the Gundam era

GFF Crossbone Gundam X-3 – very beautiful kit for me, especially the skull on the chest. But I’m not quite sure about the character’s background though

UC Arms Gallery Vol. 3 – most series aimed at the MS, this series is about the weapons. Pretty cool, all the items are redesigned, so a lot of extra details are available.