Monday, June 05, 2006

Master Grade Wing Zero Custom

I received a few requests to put Wing Zero Custom into the 'Favorite Gundam Poll'. Unfortunately I can't do so unless resetting the entire poll :-( Therefore, a treat for all of you is a few Wing Zero Custom images I got from some Japanese modelers’ website, acknowledged below. Ryuji’s Wing Zero Custom is exquisitely assembled and modified to get the feeling of the feather wings, which is easy to imagine, but very hard turning plastics into finished work of art. It uses Wing Ver. Ka’s body, but looks equally impressive too. I bet it can swap the wing unit between Wing Zero Custom and Ver. Ka.

Donald’s Wing Zero Custom is pretty much what you will get from the basic MG kit, but I like the coloring and the use of both Wing Ver. Ka and the original kit’s clear sticker on this model. Normally people don’t expect to see stickers on Gundams such as Wing Zero Custom, since the emphasis is on how elegant it is, especially the wings, and not the mechanism part. However, since it’s still labeled as ‘Gundam’, stickers help to give the sense of machinery to it.

Here are the two photos, the first one from Ryuji’s gallery and the second one from Donald’s. Click to view in new windows.

Ryuji's Wing Zero Custom Donald's Wing Zero Custom