Monday, December 04, 2006

GFF Gundam X

I watched Gundam X after returning from KL mid this year. I wasn't surprise that it's only consist of 39 episodes, because I myself almost fall asleep watching some of it. The story is lame, the mecha wasn't impressive enough and the battle sequences are poorly done. Just my opinion anyway, there are some impressive stuff from the series, like the design of G Falcon, a fighter jet that can dock with Gundam Double X, Leopard Destroy and Airmaster Bust. That's a much creative than Dendrobium and Meteor.

Anyway, the next GFF to be released is Gundam X. It's on exhibition at the World Character Convention in Japan yesterday (based on Malaysian date). Seriously, I think this is one design Hajime Katoki didn't manage to do well. The head and the body are disproportional to the whole figure and the design is just too 'rectangular'. And the head is just like any other typical Gundam face mounted with Gundam X's helmet. There's no special feature to it at all. I though the 1/100 scale model was bad enough with too many panel lines, but the GFF version is pretty bad as well.

Well, at least Zeonagraphy Kampfer on display during the event is pretty cool. That's one GFF not to be missed.

All images are from GFF Maniax.

P/S: Nice to hear from Jon Michael, who commented on my previous post on High Mobility Zaku II. Hope to hear more about the modified HGUC Zaku II from you soon!