Friday, December 01, 2006

Favorite Non-Gundam Poll: Result

Thanks for all the 75 votes by all of you. I was thinking of extending it till 200 votes, but my Poll account was expired a few days ago, so I was forced to put an early count to the whole result. ToT

So, who's the mono-eye/no-eye favorite MS of all? Here's the result (those with the same percentage of votes are listed in alphabetical order):

Sazabi was leading the votes from the start till the very end, pretty comfortable win huh?

(1) Sazabi (Neo-Zeon, Char's Counter Attack) - 32%
(2) Kampfer (Zeon, War in the Pocket) - 20%
(3) Zaku II (Zeon, MS-Gundam) - 12%
(4) Qubeley (Axis, Z Gundam) - 9%
(5) Zaku Warrior (ZAFT, SEED Destiny)- 5%
(6) Gouf Ignited (ZAFT, SEED Destiny), Tallgeese III (Preventers, Endless Waltz) - 4%
(7) Dom/Rick Dom (Zeon, MS-Gundam), The O (Titans, Z Gundam), Zeong (Zeon, MS-Gundam) - 3%
(8) GINN (ZAFT, SEED), Guncannon (EFSF, MS-Gundam), Neul Ziel (Zeon, Stardust Memory, Quin-Mantha (Neo-Zeon, ZZ Gundam)- 1%

Image from Wikipedia.