Monday, December 11, 2006

Wedding Dinner

I went to my cousin's wedding dinner last night with my whole family held at a local restaurant. Although quite crowded, everything went along smoothly. We sat quite close to the newly wed couple's table, so we get to see the 'action' in close range; the down side is that the Karaoke system is booming in our ears while we were eating, and Jay Chou or Yanzi wasn't in the house last night. The food was nice, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves all the time.

Wedding dinners seems to be quite uniform nowadays, what I mean is the sequence of the whole event actually. Waiting for the bride and bridegroom, wedding cake, 'yum-seng' session, the bride love-fed her husband with cake, a kiss in front of everyone ?and the MC will cheekily say that it's what the audience wants, then, it's over. I don't mean to be pouring cold water to anyone in Kuching who just got married or is planning to do so, but it is THE ONE AND ONLY wedding dinner in your life right? Why must it be 'safely' similar to everyone else's dinner? By saying it's safe, I mean that maybe the dinner is being arranged by the parents, and parents of course knows how to handle all the relatives in a proper way, according to family customs and so on. But as long as we're able to keep to the meaning of a wedding dinner, I see no problem in some deviation from the conventional arrangement.

There are so many girls dressed up super-duper trendy coming to the dinner, I wonder if they would be bored if it's the 'as-usual' stuff again all the time.

I think for my wedding dinner in the future, I'm going to ask one of my friends to be the MC (I hate MC addressing people's name by reading from paper - there'll be just two names on the list right? can't even by-heart two names?), probably shows some of my photos with my girlfriend on Multimedia presentation - better than 'enforced KTV' right?

And NO cake, no cake at all. What's the meaning of a wedding cake in a Chinese dinner anyway?