Monday, December 25, 2006

New Gundam Stuff - Coming Soon!

As usual, there'll be some new media releases on upcoming Gundam merchandises. This time we get to see the full picture of MG Hi-Nu Gundam from magazines scans I found on a French website, Plamo-News. and as usual, Gunota Headlines.

The big guy features a newly designed beam rifle and bazooka, and will be released at the end of February 2007 at 7000 Yen.

Here are some more updates:
HGUC GP02A MLRS Specs (February 2007, 2200 Yen) - Beats me, I don't even know where this guy originated. Picture from Gunota Headlines.

HGUC Gaplant TR-1 (Late Dec 2006, 2400 Yen). Picture from Gunota Headlines.

UCHG EFSF Land Team (January 2007, 5500 Yen). Picture from Plamo-News.

HG BuCUE (January 2007, 1400 Yen). Picture from Picture from Plamo-News.

HG Civilian Astray DSSD Custom (February 2007, 1500 Yen). Picture from Gunota Headlines.

And for those who are not a fan of GUNPLA, check out these two products:
MIA Gundam Hazel TR-1 (February 2007, 2600 Yen). Picture from Gunota Headlines.

MIA Zudah (January 2007, 1600 Yen). Picture from Gunota Headlines.

P/S: Thanks to Andrea for the new Transformer trailer link. Can't wait till it really hits the cinemas!