Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 19

Fusion: Aura Storm

Veoh is gone for good, so alternate method is needed for me to watch the latest episode of Kamen Rider Kiva. ^^; I tried VeohTV as mentioned by Anon who commented about it, and got my copy of this week's episode in a much clearer AVI format, but of course the file size is significantly larger and is slower to download as well.

Folks who are interested in VeohTV can read more about it on VeohBlog and download it from Brothersoft (since Veoh is not longer accessible).

Anyway, back to Episode 19:

kiva19_01 kiva19_02
Rook the Lion Fangire is back! He enjoys his cup of ice-cream before going on to rampage a wedding ceremony, where he kills the bride!

kiva19_03 kiva19_04
Yuri tries to fight against her mother's murderer, but is completely powerless against Rook. The Fangire seems to be uninterested in killing her at all though.

kiva19_05 kiva19_06
Back to present day, Wataru's in trouble with a bunch of bullies, and the event becomes the 'grand intro' for Kengo's return.

kiva19_07 kiva19_08
Kengo, now a big fan of Kiva after Episode 14, has Megumi's support. Keisuke on the other hand, has a totally different view (of course).

kiva19_09 kiva19_10
The four consults a medium to find out who's Kiva, but he is out just before he can begin, so is Wataru. When he wakes up, Wataru starts to act really strange...

kiva19_11 kiva19_12
... Megumi would agree with me here XD

kiva19_13 kiva19_14
Back in 1986, Yuri is unsuccessful in getting the Ixa system from Jiro, and Otoya sneaks up with his bag of tricks...

kiva19_15 kiva19_16
...and Jiro falls for it easily. Even the cafe's owner, Master is deceived. XD
Otoya then offers the Ixa Knuckle to Yuri for her revenge.

kiva19_17 kiva19_18
Yuri now has the weapon she wants against Rook, but fear shadows her heart and she can't pull the trigger. Just like the beginning, Rook just passes her by.
A total defeat for Yuri!

kiva19_19 kiva19_20
Wataru meets the bullies again, but this time, he uses his second henshin, the Otoya mode XD and defeats all three of them easily, very much to Shizuka's amazement.

kiva19_21 kiva19_22
Otoya as Wataru, and Wataru as Wataru in the Maid Restaurant. There's a huge difference XD

kiva19_23 kiva19_24
kiva19_25 kiva19_26
This week's Fangire, a ladybug emerges, and Kiva summons Basshaa to counter this high-speed flying Fangire.

kiva19_27 kiva19_28
The Fangire who fled the battle with Kiva, continues his fight with Keisuke, Kengo and Megumi.

kiva19_29 kiva19_30
The Ixa Knuckle finds itself on the hands of Megumi, and like her mother, she can't pull the trigger! The Ladybug Fangire takes her two friends as hostages.

Preview of next week's episode, Nocturne: The Lovely Messiah

kiva19_31 kiva19_32
Megumi on crutches!

kiva19_33 kiva19_34
A mysterious woman in black who aids Rook appears, and Wataru Otoya encourages Megumi.

kiva19_35 kiva19_36
Megumi with Ixa's sword in some awesome action against the Ladybug Fangire.

kiva19_37 kiva19_38
Things brightening up between Yuri and Otoya? ^^
Castle Dran teaming up with Powered IXER? Are things brightening up between Kiva and Ixa as well?

So, next episode is going to be mostly about Megumi then. ^^ Fans don't miss it!

Also, for this week's episode, make sure you watch right after the ending as well, because there are a few seconds of preview on Kamen Rider Kiva: The King of Hell Castle:

kiva19_39 kiva19_40
Kiva's Emperor Form!
Wataru gets to meet his father, but both of them are in jail?!

kiva19_41 kiva19_42
The mysterious Kamen Rider Rei, and its human form, Takato Shiramine.

kiva19_43 kiva19_44
Zombies (boy, those masks look really fake! XD) and Fangires rampaging around town.

kiva19_45 kiva19_46
Megumi working with Ixa, and we get to have a feel of Kamen Rider Arc's size. O_O Kiva's will be in deep trouble!