Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another BB Senshi Sangokuden Campaign & Others

After the campaigns of soldier unit and PET weapon effect parts, Bandai has come up with (yet) another campaign to milk push the BB Senshi Sangokuden line: special sticker for the eyes plus insignias for the flags of Ryuubi, Sousou and Sonken's armies.

This campaign will begin in November, but the format is yet to be revealed. How is the sticker going to be given away, how many and which BB Senshi Sangokuden kits will be 'enlisted', and other information is not available at the moment.

BB Senshi Sangokuden fans, are you interested? ^^;

Image and information from Hobby Shop Midori.

There's a very nice video clip on Robot Damashii's Movie page introducing this new line of merchandise from Bandai.

Frankly, after watching the clip, I must admit that I have underestimated Robot Damashii in the past. ^^; It's not as simple as the merging of the MSIA and In Action!! OffShoot lines anymore.

There are also reference made to the Chogokin and GFF lines in the development of Robot Damashii!

Development process involves both CG and handcrafting. Molding method uses technique from the production of Chogokin series.

Three types of materials used for Robot Damashii figures serve different purposes.

For Macross Frontier and VF-25F fans, two more images of Bandai's 1/72 Transformable VF-25 Alto's Unit to tempt you more. ^^

A glimpse at the edge of its construction manual ^^
Images from Macross Frontier Blog.

The big news is: It's officially out TODAY!! ^^

Wuhhuh~ Expect to see the content and the details of the assembly methods on Hobby Search real soon now ^^

On the other hand, Kotobukiya has putup the box arts of several of their plamos to be available this month:

1/100 R-1 - 6,090 Yen.
Super-duper huge SRW release this year ^^

HMM 1/72 RZ-028 Blade Liger AB(Attack Booster) Leon Specifications (limited) - 7,140 Yen.

Tengen Kadou Gulaparl (Grapearl) Mass Productive, Darry and Gimmy's color - 3,990 Yen each.

Images from Kotobukiya.