Friday, April 24, 2009

Real G Project , Ikimasu!

Updates on Bandai Namco Group's Real G Project in celebration of Gundam 30th Anniversary, a 1/1 scale Gundam RX-78-2 at Sunny Plaza (太陽の広場), at Shiokaze Park (潮風公園) in Tokyo.

3 months more before its debut, the construction is red hot underway ^^

Regardless of whether you can be there during the period of display (between July 11th and August 31st), you can now view the construction log documentary on Yahoo! Japan, ^^ which will be ongoing until the statue is completed.

You will need to download and install Microsoft Silverlight to play the video though.

Vol. 1 "For the Next Step" is up yesterday, featuring interviews with several key persons behind the initiation of this project. Too bad I can't understand one bit about what they are talking about. T__T There are of course footage showing the progress of the construction up to now.

Link to the video

To all the hardworking folks in front and behind this project, Gokuro sama deshita ^^

Vol. 2 will be up on May 7th. ^^