Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kaiyodo's Revoltech Neo

Kaiyodo launches the official site for Revoltech Neo.

Coming in June.

Five features of Revoltech Neo:
(1) Combine branding - Figures released twice a month, with the same style of packaging and other features to create a single large brand.

Now, my Japanese translation is super-sucks, but that's how I understand it from the official site. Sounds almost unbelievable to me, for Kaiyodo to re-release all their previous Revoltechs to create this single brand. ^^; We are talking two or three years of previous releases there O_O

(2) New series to be included - "クイーンズブレイド" - figurines, "アッセンブルボーグ第二章", and "プライズリボルテック・リボルテックミニチュア"

(3) Online catalog for all Revoltech releases

(4) Reward system - special "coin" included for all releases as part of the customer service, which you can accumulate and exchange for latest or special figures.

(5) New distributor - for brand expansion.

Frankly I'm a bit disappointed. When the project was first announced in Hobby Japan March Issue, I thought Kaiyodo was planning to refine (even more) on their existing Revoltech joint technology to produce even more awesome action figures. Seems like the whole project is a grand marketing plan instead, with no mentioning of upgrading the quality of the figures themselves.

Still quite early to judge on this "new" series from the company. I'll wait and see how things unfold first.

Images and information from Kaiyodo.