Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tomino in Italy & a Possible Gundam Unicorn Movie

Also reported on SRW Hotnews.

Yoshiyuki Tomino-sensei, the creator of MS Gundam, appeared at Cartoons on the Bays public meeting in Rapallo, Italy just recently.

Gundam Universe has an extensive report on this event (in Italian), including Tomino-sensei's announcement that a Gundam Unicorn movie is coming in 2010.
Tomino annuncia anche che nel 2010 dovrebbe uscire un film cinematografico tratto dal romanzo “Gundam Unicon”
More information from Gundam Universe.

Images courtesy of Sanchez from Gundam Universe (Thanks very much! ^^)

Tomino-sensei's autograph.
Image from Gundam Universe.

A movie version of Gundam Unicorn would be awesome indeed. From previous Gundam theatrical releases like Char's Counterattack, Gundam F91, or the more recent Gundam Zeta trilogy, you know the quality of the animation is going to superb - extremely anticipatble for Unicorn Gundam's transformation and Psycho frame, plus Sinanju's golden emblems. ^^ The story will need to be more concise because of the time constraint as well.

Will Tomino-sensei direct this movie? Most like. If so, is he going to show his "kill-them-all" trend from most of his older Gundam anime in Gundam Unicorn?

We'll have to wait for more confirmation about this ^^