Saturday, April 11, 2009

1/1 SDF Macross Helmets

Yamato announced the release of 1/1 scale helmets of the three ace pilots from Super Dimension Fortress Macross ^^

Hikaru Ichijyo's

Roy Focker's

Maximilian Jenius's

I remember Hikaru Ichijyo's helmet being a limited merchandise at Macross 2009.2.22 Launch Pre-Event (マクロス超時空進宙式典). Unfortunately, all three helmets shown here are still going to be limited releases. Pre-order period will be for a month, from April 17th to May 18th. Hikaru Ichijyo's helmet would be the hardest to get, because it's going to be fan-club limited item.

Made from FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic), they will be available by Fall this year at 41,790 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

I don't anyone is planning to show off these helmet on the road. XD If you're a Malaysian, better don't do that at all. These helmets may be compatible in space combat, they are still non-SIRIM approved XD

* Also reported on Yamato Blog.

Images from Yamato.