Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mechanical Designs of Kunio Okawara - Gundam, Votoms, Dougram Exhibition

CD Journal reported that there will be an exhibition showcasing Kunio Okawara-sensei's work in the world of mecha design coming soon, called Mechanical Designs of Kunio Okawara - Gundam, Votoms, Dougram (大河原邦男のメカデザイン ガンダム、ボトムズ、ダグラム).

Details of this event:

Venue: Hachioji Yume Art Museum (八王子市夢美術館), Tokyo

Date: July 17th to September 6th (closed on every Monday except July 20th. Closed on July 21st)

Time: 10AM to 7PM

Admission: General public: 500 Yen, 400 Yen (visitor group with 15 members and above), Students and seniors aged 65 and above: 250 Yen, 200 Yen (visitor group with 15 members and above).

As the leading mecha designer in Japan, Kunio Okawara-sensei has a vast collection of work to be exhibited. The series mentioned include

- Science Ninja Team Gatchaman F (科学忍者隊ガッチャマンF)
- Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3 (無敵鋼人ダイターン3)
- Daitarn 3 & Zambot 3 (ダイターン3&ザンボット3)
- Mobile Suit Gundam
- Invincible Robo Trider G7 (無敵ロボトライダーG7)
- Fang of the Sun Dougram (太陽の牙ダグラム)
- Combat Mecha Xabungle (戦闘メカザブングル)
- Armored Trooper VOTOMS (装甲騎兵ボトムズ)
- Ginga Hyōryū Vifam (銀河漂流バイファム)
- Panzer World Galient (機甲界ガリアン)
- Blue Comet SPT Layzner (碧き流星SPTレイズナ)
- Armor Hunter Mellowlink (機甲猟兵ドラグナー)
- The Brave series (勇者シリーズ/ヤッターマン)
- Gundam Ace [Okawara's Factory] (ガンダムエース「大河原ファクトリー」)
- Gundam Ace [Inheritance of the Originals] (ガンダムエース「原典継承」)
and others

Quite a few of them I have never heard of actually ^^;

Anyway, there will two events featuring Okawara-sensei:

July 18th (2PM): Autograph session

August 22nd (2 - 3.30PM): Talk and interactive session.

Mecha fans visiting Japan in July for the 1/1 scale Gundam RX-78-2 statue at Shiokaze Park, Tokyo and in August for the 18-meter tall Tetsujin 28 statue at Wakamatsu Park, Kobe should visit the exhibition as well, to learn more about Japanese mecha design. ^^

Image and information from CD Journal.