Monday, June 22, 2009

SRW OG 1/144 Personlichkeit Now Available

One of the weirdest plamo kit (in my opinion), SRW OG 1/144 Personlichkeit from Kotobukiya is now available on Hobby Search at 5,500 Yen.

A model kit with skulls, horns, fangs, and claws (not shown in this runner)

The clear rods that mount the giant skulls to the back of the model is made of ABS plastic. Is that enough to do the job? ^^

All the organics structure in the body and arms are from tiny parts, very much like Rein Weissritter.

Eyes and teeth nicely painted. ^^

I always have great respect for Kotobukiya for their commitment in releasing these non-conventional model kits. Previous releases like Rein Weissritter, Fairlion Type-S, Altelion and Valsione are all robots that seem unlikely to be candidates for plamo release, yet we get to assemble them from Kotobukiya's kits.

There's still a gap between the company and Bandai when it comes to issues like quality of the plastic and articulation. But still, many of Kotobukiya's models sure are unique. This Personlichkeit is in its own unique way, quite awesome. ^^

1/1 scale ID-3 HoiHoi-san coming in September is going to be another special model worth looking forward to. ^^

Also from Kotobukiya, 1/72 AL-97B-var Hannibal Japan Self-Defense Forces Type from Patlabor 2 the Movie has just been released as well. The price is 4,400 Yen on Hobby Search.

All images from Hobby Search.