Sunday, June 21, 2009

EVA Cafe

The power of Evangelion New Theatrical Version ^^

Rather than being a single cafe, "EVA Cafe" is more like a theme, with participating cafe having the same menu and special offers.

The new movie will premiere in Japan on June 27th, and beginning from June 24th, Cure Maid Cafe, Wonder Cafe, Pasela Karaoke, Bar & Cafe of Men's Attire "Queen Dolce" will launch "EVA Cafe" for a limited period of time. The end date of "EVA Cafe" is July 26th for the first three cafe mentioned in the list, while Queen Dolce will end "EVA Cafe" much earlier, on July 12th. Folks visiting Japan who are interested to experience "EVA Cafe" please take note of those dates.

The menu to be available at "EVA Cafe" are all related to Evangelion in either their name or design:

Beverage. Left to right:
- "Kaoru Nagisa" (Grapefruit + Ginger + Cherry + Blue Hawaii syrup)
- "Rei Ayanami" (Blue Hawaii syrup + Grapefruit)
- "Shinji Ikari" (Blue Hawaii syrup + Blueberry soda)
- "Asuka Langley Soryu" (Grenadine syrup + Orange)
- "Mari Makinami Illustrious" (Melon syrup + Orange)
- Ritsuko’s Coffee (with NERV cup)

The price is 450 Yen each for the first five. Ritsuko’s Coffee is 1,700 Yen.

Food. Left to right (first row):
- Soufflé cheesecake topped with the Nerv logo, 500 Yen
- Misato’s Special Plate (fried mackerel), 400 Yen
- Mari Illustrious Pasta (cold spinach and bacon pasta), 1,000 Yen

(Second row):
- Angel/Messenger Cake (mix of white chocolate, black sesame mousse, and custard pudding cake), 600 Yen
- Angel/Messenger Parfait (nata de coco and cassis parfait), 600 Yen

(Third row):
- Rei’s Plate (prawn chips and cream sauce, and pudding), 1,000 Yen
- Asuka’s Plate (salad, chicken rice and chicken sautĂ©ed with tomato sauce), 1,000 Yen

Each order will come with a coaster for free, randomly picked from six different types.

On a separate note, all branches of Wonder GOO in Japan will be running a campaign related to Evangelion's New Theatrical Version as well. Any purchase of Evangelion related items with 3,000 Yen and above will entitle you for a free gift, while prizes last.

Images from GA Graphic and Cure Maid Cafe. Information about the menu is from Akibanana.