Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chogokin for the Adult Apollo 11 & Saturn V

This is really one head-turning new release from Bandai: Chogokin for the Adult Apollo 11 and Saturn V:

On display at a preview event at Bandai in Tokyo, this new Chogokin display item is a very realistic reproduction of Apollo 11 and Saturn V at 1/144 scale. And if you don't know this already, Saturn V was the rocket that carried Apollo 11 to the Moon - a very huge step for us all. ^^

Bandai is targeting this display item to the group of kids growing up with the inspiration watching the grand launch of Apollo 11, who are all adults now.

Apart from the details, Saturn V can be separated just as the real rocket did for that mission. Made of die-cast, ABS and PVC parts, the full height of the rocket is 760mm. Also comes with a diorama featuring the surface of the moon, complete with the American flag to reproduce that magnificent moment of landing on the Moon.

March release, 52,290 Yen (inclusive of tax) - about USD578 or RM1,943 (Currency rate on October 20th)

All images from GA Graphic.