Saturday, October 31, 2009

Complete Transformation Revoltech VF-1J January Release

A new image to shed some light on Kaiyodo's "complete transformation Revoltech Valkyrie" first announced some time back in August.

VF-1A Valkyrie Hikaru Ichijo's Unit seems to be the first release.

And yes, it transforms nicely between the three modes. But seeing no "complete transformation" before in the Revoltech series, I believe it's natural to ask if there's any part-swapping involved.

At least those hand units do not seem likely to be directly from the transformation. ^^

But it's indeed very cool to see a new transformable Valkyrie. With Revoltech's relatively low price for its releases, I believe Macross fans and many others will welcome this to their collection even if it's not exactly "complete transformation". ^^

January 15th release, price TBA.

Also shown is UFO Robot Grendizer! ^^

Image is from Futaba Imageboard.