Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PG 00 Gundam Limitation

New images of PG 00 Gundam from Meister Sekita's Modeling Blog shows its articulation, with one major limitation revealed. ^^;

Comparison with HG 1/144 scale and 1/100 scale versions.

Comparison with 1/100 scale O Raiser.

Articulation of the feet and ankle.

Parts of the backpack. Almost too simple there eh, Bandai? ^^;

Articulation of the Twin Drive's mount rack.

Mount rack can't be lifted upward in front,...

... making this action pose impossible for PG 00 Gundam to perform I believe ^^;
(from HG 1/144 Trans-Am Raiser)

Extra strength for the mount rack for sure, at the expense of its articulation range. How are Gundam Double O and Gunpla fans going to respond to this I wonder.

I mean, I've seen MG kits being designed to be superior than its PG equivalence, but those are releases years later after the PG was out, when the technology of MG is much better than the PG line when it was first released.

But I've never seen a PG yet to be released to lose out to its HG version before. ^^;

All images from Meister Sekita's Modeling Blog.