Monday, October 19, 2009

Limited DX Chogokin Aquarion Gold Ver. New Images

New images of Tamashii Web Shop limited DX Chogokin Aquarion Gold Ver.:

Solar Aquarion

Mugen Punch

(Left) Aquarion Mars and Aquarion Luna

(Left) Vector Sol and Vector Mars

Vector Luna

The already released DX Chogokin Aquarion in gold plated version. 400mm tall. Made of ABS, PVC and Zinc Alloy.

Aquarion is name of the robot from "Genesis of Aquarion", a mecha anime directed by Shoji Kawamori-sensei, who is famous for his design in the Macross series. It consists of three machines called Vectors: Sol, Luna and Mars. The three Vectors can combine into a robot called Aquarion, which has three forms as well. Solar Aquarion, with Vector Sol as the head is the most prominent type used in the anime.

Pre-order has started since September 7th, and will end this Wednesday (October 21st). Late December release, 20,790 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images are from Tamashii Web Shop.