Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SHCM-Pro & HGUC Unicorn Gundam New Images

New images of Unicorn Gundam, in both SHCM-Pro and HGUC formats.

The images are actually from the recent the 49th All Japan Plamodel Radicon Show. The extra large version of each image can be found on the source page specified at the bottom of the page.

SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam

Much better articulation than the MG version it seems. At least the ankle is able bend wider, allowing the feet to Step on the ground better.

Comes with two types of V-Fin: yellow and gold. ^^

Quite a lot of part-swapping for the transformation to preserve the articulation I believe. The transformation of the knee for example, is pretty complicated for the MG version. It would be so much more delicate in 1/144 scale of this SHCM-Pro version. A perfect transformation for component like that would cause it to be extra fragile I believe.

October 29th release, 10,290 Yen (inclusive of tax).

HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn & Destroy Mode)

Painted version.

The painted version. Also shown is 1/48 Scale Unicorn Gundam Head Stand to be included in Dengeki Hobby January 2010 issue (November 25th release. Price TBA).
The stand behind the head display model can be used to mount the HGUC model - a perfect way to display two kits in one go.

Straight assembled version. The V-Fin for the Destroy Mode is molded in yellow, so as opposed to the MG version - paint yellow on the front of the V-Fin, this time it's painting white behind it instead.

Straight assembled version. Very accurate color separation for the different components. ^^

Runners for the Destroy Mode. Red polycaps are completely appropriate. ^^

Runners for the Unicorn Mode. Beam saber shown are molded in Ver. Ka type of clear red. The marking decal belongs to the SHCM-Pro version instead I believe.

Box art.

November release, 1,890 Yen (Destroy Mode) , 1,575 Yen (Unicorn Mode) inclusive of tax.

All images are from GToys Blog: SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam, HGUC Unicorn Gundam.