Friday, September 03, 2010

More Gundam Updates from Gundam Ace October Issue

More Gundam updates from last month's issue of Gundam Ace after the coverage on SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors mentioned this morning.

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: The Glory of the Defeated manga

[W Archives] Quatre Raberba Winner

Next month's issue will feature Chang Wufei.

MG Gundam Deathscythe EW - September 9th release (tentative schedule), 3,990 Yen (inclusive of tax).

G-Selection Vol. 3 Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - DVD box set. Pre-order through Japanese store will end on October 17th. November 26th release, 31,500 Yen (inclusive of tax).

More images and information can be seen in this and this previous posting.

G.F.F.N. Full Armor Unicorn Gundam - Already released, 8,400 Yen (inclusive of tax).

MS Gundam Unicorn Katoki Hajime Mechanical Archives - New publication featuring Gundam UC MS mechanical design from Hajime Katoki-sensei. Already released, 1,029 Yen (inclusive of tax).

[MSV-R] Ball RB-79M Ball Type M, RB-79F Ball Type F

Images are from Muso's Photo Album.