Thursday, September 09, 2010

Yamato's 1/3000 Macross SDF-1 December Release

Finally, confirmation of Yamato's 1/3000 scale Complete Transformation Macross SDF-1, a huge release that we have been hearing since a long time ago.

A scaled down version of the 1/2000 Complete Transformation Macross SDF-1 Prototype Model Kit (Heavy Duty Polyurethane Ver.), not only will it be a completed figure, it will be a regular release as well. As such, this 1/2000 scale version will be the biggest release in Yamato's Complete Transformation Macross series in terms of volume.

400mm in length in battleship mode. Made of ABS, POM, zinc alloy and other materials. Some adjustments to the transformation based on the 1/2000 scale version will be made. Details including the residential areas inside the left leg are inherited. A new gimmick is said to be incorporated into the articulation of the knee joint, where combat action of the "Storm Attacker" mode in space as seen from the anime is possible.

December release, 34,440 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Yamato: Link 1, Link 2.