Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Random Posting

Just finished one of the busiest weeks in my MA course, just handed up some assignments, and finished on a few presentations. Those busy days kept me away from blogging, but hopefully I can return to what is now a habit of mine amidst all the homework required.

PS3 was released a couple of days ago, and being a fan of Danny Choo's website, I was aware of the commotion built up by consumers in Japan, lining up to spend their money on the machine. No sure what game is out for PS3. But Gundam fans got their early Christmas present with Gundam Target In Sight, a PS3 first-person shooting game featuring mecha from One Year War (again~). GM Striker is among two new mecha created for the game, along with Dom Cannon, which twin cannon which seems a little too small for the big guy.

Kampfer, my favorite mecha
Guncannon with a Gundam shield
Gouf Custom, featuring the all time best heat sword design ever

The MS designs are pretty cool. The 3D work is simply marvelous. Check out some of the 3D arts on Game Watch.

I just watched MS IgLoo: Apocalypse One Year War recently, and was really impressed with the story as well as the 3D fighting sequences. Don’t get me wrong; watching that anime was almost the only way I could use to get away from my burden of studies. Speaking of assignments, one of my recent projects is on 3D modeling as well. So, I have games in 3D, anime in 3D, and doing assignment on 3D. What a strange coincident ^^;