Monday, November 20, 2006

My Model Collection Video

I've finally found the video of my model collection on Google Video. I uploaded it months ago, but the video seems to be abducted by aliens, or probably being transferred to the 'other world'... too much X Files lately. I guess YouTube is much more reliable in video sharing (just my personal thought), however my friends in the uni would see nothing from the lab's PCs, since the management banned the site for quite some time now. So, I would go for Google Video instead.

The video was shot a few months back when I was doing my video assignment, then edited using Adobe Premiere. The video's a bit shaky, since I didn't use the tripod. At one point, you can see, and hear as well, the camera hitting one of my model (if not mistaken, my HG 1-144 Tallgeese) when the lens went in too close to the models. Count that as uncut NG if you like :-D. And the audio, it's just the radio show I was listening to when the video was shot, so the male voice isn't me, and the female voice isn't my girlfriend either.

These aren’t all the models actually, some are laying in their boxes crying, ToT as there’s no more space left in my little cupboard, which is at the moment, pretty overpopulated.

Guess before I get anymore models, I got to get me-self a new cupboard O_o
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