Thursday, November 30, 2006

High Mobility Zaku II from Spirits of Zeon

I saw MS-06R-2 High Mobility Zaku II a couple of years back, and like the design of the yellow spikes on red armor and a huge bazooka. That particular unit turns out to be Johnny Raiden's Zaku II, which eventually being released as one of the many MG Zaku II variations. I guess I started to like Zaku since then, as the ordinary MS-06 Zaku IIs seem too weak for GMs and Gundam. High Mobility Zaku, though lack the power generator to carry any beam weapon, has advantage in terms of pace and agility.

I saw another two MS-06R-2 variations on Spirits of Zeon's official site, and becomes extremely hopeful that those two will come out as HGUC, or even MG kits. To start off with, Spirits of Zeon is a new game under development by Bandai. The Zeon will be the main character now, as players get to play Zakus shooting down EFSF. The two MS-06R-2s belong to the leading characters, Kurt Roswell and Robin Bradshaw. The unique thing about the two Zakus are the spikes on the right shoulder armor are replaced by horns from their squadron crest. Pretty cool!

For HGUC, High Mobility Zakus are yet to come out, so I guess there are some possibility that it will be released, just like Zaku I Sniper, and original design from the game 'Target In Sight'. For the MG version, the previous two releases, Johnny Raiden's Zaku II and Shin Matsunaga's Zaku II are pretty much out of date. Johnny's unit for example, has the yellow spikes in red (too bad for those who are painting their models) and both these MGs has poor playability. I hope that Bandai will consider a Version 2.0 for Zakus - not just the High Mobility versions, but the others as well. It's not fair only the Gundam has version upgrade, leaving out the Zeons.

Hope that they start with High Mobility Zaku IIs!

The red one, Kurt's Roswell's unit is almost identical to Johnny Raiden's except the head and the shoulder armor of course

The blue version, belonging to Robin Bradshaw - two spikes