Monday, November 17, 2008

1/100 00 Gundam - No Waist Joint?

Still on the yet-to-be-(officially) released 1/100 00 Gundam. The other day we found out that ball type joint is being used for the pelvis joint. I won't say at this moment that it's bad, because from the action poses of this 00 Gundam I've seen so far (see end of this posting), the legs' movements aren't poor at all.

My point is, using straight insertion-double joint for the 1/144 scale version was 'outstanding', but it doesn't mean the ball type joint has become obsolete.

Another round of examination finds that there's no waist joint for this Gunpla!

And the only joint in the body, the one in the chest used for the movement of the upper body, can only go left and right.

So, no bending back and forth for 1/100 00 Gundam then? ^^;

I think the reason behind Bandai's decision to 'downgrade' the number of articulation possibilities for this model is to increase its strength when docks with O Raiser. Having almost no joint for the body prevents 00 Gundam from tilting backward easily. The 1/144 scale version has more joints because it's smaller, and it should be able to sustain O Raiser (better than this 1/100 scale version that is).

Then again, I'm not all helping Bandai out here. ^^; The advantage mentioned above is mainly for those planning to get O Raiser after 00 Gundam. For those who are not too interested in the add-on, well, the waist design is indeed a bad idea.

Moreover, for those who are not fans of the light-up gimmick, I really can't think of any good reason to recommend this kit to you, ^^; save for the size of course. This is so far, the biggest 00 Gundam right now.

Very interesting way of connecting the head to the body. Probably can pull the head out for separate display once in a while. ^^

All the components for the light-up part are pre-assembled, so the only thing for you to do is to slot in the battery and fasten the screw.

A different design for the Action Display Base's connector as well. Normally it's at the groin area. This new design is going to give quite a bit of stress to the joint of the display stand, since it has to be tilted in a certain angle most of the time.
Using the universal slots that come along with the Action Display Base would be a better idea for 'non-action' display. ^^;

Like I said earlier on, the articulation isn't poor, but surely, it has many potentials omitted by Bandai with these 'new' joint designs.

Images are from Absolute Gunpla and Gunpla Secret Factory.