Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gundam Fan Arts

When I was a kid and live in the era of Transformers (no choice, Malaysian TV didn't air Gundam anime back then), I love to sketch new designs of Transformers and imagine how they transform. I looked at the different vehicles that came to my father's grocery store and imagine how they might transform. During the time of the Power Rangers, I sketched new Power Rangers design and their Zoids, and of course, how they gattai (combine). After going to secondary school, this interest stopped, because I started assembling Gunpla ^^

It was pretty fun actually. As a kid, you never bother about the principle of design, feel of realism, or even Law of Physics. A robot with 10 arms? no problem; with beam cannons all over the body? no problem; more than a thousand meters in height? no problem. As a matter in fact, the more you can bluff about your robot design, the more respect you will get from your buddies. Back in those days, that's what matter most right? XD

As a Gundam fan, do you sketch your own Gundam designs? Doesn't matter if it's on paper, or being realized through modified Gunpla, do you take your childhood imagination one step further and apply it to the world of Gundam?

Right now I only do so in my mind, since my artistic level remained stationary after primary school ^^ But take a look at what others have done, you might get enough inspiration to start your imagination (again) and creativity to design your own Gundam masterpiece.

Looks like the fusion of Wing Gundam Zero Custom and Freedom Gundam.

The marking on the chest says "shadow", a disciple of Gundam Spiegel then ^^

Heavy F91 is really heavy ^^

Even though the backpack looks painfully heavy, Terror Judgment looks extremely awesome!

The same heavy backpack treatment, but this time it's on Forever Gundam.

Justice Gundam's new design, or maybe it's for Infinite Justice?

Recognize them?

A very strange-looking Zaku

My favorite of them all: Mamoru Nagano's version of Turn A Gundam. Not familiar with such design? Check out this posting and you'll get some idea.

All images are gathered from different forum threads I visited in the past, so I'm unable to verify their source