Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ultimate Soul of Chogokin

Soul of Chogokin (超合金魂) is another product line from Bandai, featuring high-end diecast robots of great quality and of course, expensive price as well. Their prices are very much out of reach for me, but I like to read about them, and keep myself updated with news about them, since some of the robots released are from anime I watched when I was a kid as well.

This month, there will be a new release from the Soul of Chogokin series, called Baikanku (天威勇士 - 倍功夫). I'm not very sure about the name, as the anime series I came from is called Chronos no Gyakushuu or The Revenge of Chronos (?). After watching bits of it on Youtube, I'm pretty sure I missed this one as a kid.

Very retro-style robot anime, came from the same era as ZZ Gundam, so you can see the similarity between the character design and the overall drawing quite easily :D
Can't see anything? Follow this link to Youtube.

But as I was looking for more information about Baikanfu, I stumbled upon something else, which is very nostalgic to me:

From what I read, Gordian is the predecessor of Baikanfu, and yes, I watched a few episodes of it when I was a kid, just that its name seemed to be lost from my memory all this while.
Can't see anything? Follow this link to Youtube.

Very Gam-tong (touched) T_T Anybody recall watching them as well?

Anyway, this posting is about Soul of Chogokin Baikanfu. Not only can the three robots dock perfectly, each of them has great articulation as well. Even of you're not a fan of Baikanfu, or any of those vintage robot anime, I think you will find this toy to be special as well.

If I am still a kid, I would be salivating over this for don't-know-how-long XD

The price is 18,900 Yen (around RM660) - definitely not for kids.

That's not the end of it. The planned Soul of Chogokin for next March release is Rokushin Gattai God Mars, which is a giant robot formed from six smaller robots. I have seriously no idea where he comes from, I only recall seeing such massive transformation for Invincible Shogun, the Sentai robot for Ninja Rangers. According to the source, God Mars will the heaviest (1.1 kg) and the biggest (28 cm) in the whole SOC series. The price, will of course set the new record as well - 24,150 Yen (around RM845).

Life is hard for SOC collectors ^^; worse if you're a fan of both SOC and Gunpla. Haha!

The SOC treatment makes God Mars to be much sharper than how it appeared in the anime.

The slick design sure doesn't look like it's a combination of six robots to me.

Mini Transformers ^o^

Two development sketches - The arms seem to be stored in each robot's body in God Mars mode.

All images from Toysdaily.