Tuesday, November 06, 2007

U.C.H.G. Cyclops Team

Three new photos of U.C.H.G. Cyclops Team available on the 15th of this month.

I was looking forward to more updates on this set since the announcement of its release early last month. If you don't know this already, the Cyclops Team was a Zeon commando squadron in UC0080: War in a Pocket. It was sent to capture or destroy Gundam NT-1 before it could be delivered to Earth Federation's triumph card, Amuro Ray. After a failed mission in the Arctic, which saw a member of the Cyclops Team died in combat, the team was dispatched to Side 6 where the new Gundam was tested. Most of the story happened in that space colony.

War in a Pocket is one of my favorite Gundam anime series. Although the anime is just 6 episodes in length, there are tons of drama, great fighting sequences, and the mecha are absolute bad-ass, like Kampfer, Zaku II FZ, Gelgoog Jaegar, and Rick Dom II. The ending is extremely sad though.

From left to right: Andy Strauss, Gabriel Ramirez Garcia (sitting behind the jeep), Bernard Wiseman (I think, I can't remember seeing him wearing a helmet and goggles in the anime), Steiner Hardy (captain of the team), Mikhail Kaminsky (Kampfer's pilot!) and Alfred Izuruha, the kid who befriended the Cyclops Team on Side 6, and the only witness to the entire event of the War in the Pocket, at least on Side 6.

The mecha for this UCHG set is the military jeep, and loads of guns to better portray the Cyclops Team ^^;

Personally, I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't any mobile suit component to be included for this release, like the 1/35 GM arm in EFGF Anti MS Squad.

Also, photos of HCM-Pro Ground Type GM and GM Sniper mentioned in an earlier posting:

Still no info on their prices and release date though.