Saturday, November 10, 2007

MS Girls

A few friends, as well readers asked me about the Destiny girl picture I used as the banner for this blog. So, for this posting, lets talk a bit about the girls ^^

Officially, Gundam armor-clad cute anime girls are called MS Girls. Featuring EFSF and Zeon mechas initially, the series quickly spawned to include other Gundam series as well. As you can see from the banner, Destiny has being added to the list of Gundam cuteness, and I'm sure Gundam Exia will be soon.

Anyone interested to illustrate Turn A into a Gundam girl ^^;

Thanks to Chong for telling me the source of MG Girls.

Just as we should thank Hajime Katoki-senshe for giving us Gundam Sentinel, Gundam Unicorn and others, Akitaka Mika-senshe is the person we must thank for giving us this series. Akitaka Mika is also one of the designers of ZZ Gundam.

Following the diversity in the Gundam universe, ways to draw MS Girls are quite diverted as well. I saw some which are extremely cute:

Char's Zaku II and Zaku II ^^

Zeon MS Girls family photo! How many do you recognize?

Some others are 'slightly more serious' XD:

And that include Destiny I used for the banner.

This has got to be the sexiest Akatsuki around ^^

Gundam Ver. Ka and Gouf Custom.

From MS Girls, DEEP Striker. All the armors and the cannon look excessive for the girl, but she seems quite happy anyway :)

The highest level of MG Girls I think, are those designed in a fashion similar to the ones below:

Wing Zero Custom!

God Gundam!

And these are my favorite: NRX-055 Baund Doc Gates Kappa (left) and Rosamia Badam's color. Turning a weird MS with a wok mounted on its butts into such elegance is like mission impossible completed to me XD

Ka-wa-ii^^ Stay tuned for more!

IMPORTANT: I gathered these images from attachment on the different forums visited in the past, therefore I'm unable to verify their sources.