Friday, November 02, 2007

New and Old Gundam News

A summary of Gundam-related news for the last few days when my blog was all about Hrairoo:

(1) New mecha from Gundam Unicorn

Only the gray (?) Delta Plus on the left is featured in Gundam Unicorn, Gundam Delta, an improved version of Hyaku Shiki complete with Waverider transformation is the predecessor of Delta Plus.
Images from SRW Hotnews

Description of Delta Plus from Gunota Headlines:
MSN-001A1 Delta Plus (Earth Federation)
Head height: 19.6 m
Base weight: 27.2 t
Generator output: 2,460 kW
Maximum thrust: 92,400 kg
Sensor radius: 16,200 m
Armor: Gundarium alloy
"Anaheim Electronics variable MS supplied to the Nahal Argama after losing the majority of its mobile weapon complement to fighting with the Kshatriya. An all-purpose strike machine useable in all domains with its waverider form, which flies under 1G of gravity and has unassisted atmospheric entry capabilities. Since it is a nonstandard prototype difficult to place in a unit, it's thought it was sent to the Nahal Argama, which makes use of a lot of similarly nonstandard things for a single warship."

(2) Gundam 00 Episode 4 out last Sunday
The fourth episode of Gundam 00 was out for quite some time now, and this episode explained many questions lingered around the mysterious organization of Celestial Being, more than any of the three previous episodes.

If you haven't watch Episode 4 yet, here are some useful links from Youtube ;)
Episode 4 - Part 1
Episode 4 - Part 2
Episode 4 - Part 3

We saw some hope towards world peace near the end of Episode 3, but conflicts continued to break out in other regions of the world. As the Gundam Meisters appeared during the war for their "armed intervention", the tension run deeper between them and the rest of the world as they were forced to pick a side to fight against.

A new character is also being introduced in Episode 4, and a special one too, seems to me that the world of Gundam is just too hard to leave the concept of Newtypes or Coordinators behind, even for a Gundam anime which is by far, the closest in terms of timeline to ours.

And of course, we get to see the customized Union Flag requested by Graham Acre in Episode 3. Too bad there weren't too much action between him and Exia.
Images from SRW Hotnews

(3) More Gundam 00 merchandises coming up
After the FG, HG 1/144, HG 1/100, 1/60 Gunplas, HCM-Pro, MSIA and Gundam Collection versions of Exia, we are getting him in another new product line. Although it's called 00 Region, you can just go ahead and call him the GFF equivalent.

End of February release, 3780 Yen. Image from Hobby Net.

Also, Graham Acre's Customized Union Flag is coming soon. It's clearly the variation of the previously released Mass Productive Union Flag. But black sure looks cool, so is the new rifle. Interested?

End of December release, 1260 Yen. Image from Hobby Net.

Another mecha to be released is HCM-Pro Tieren Ground Type in March. The price is yet to be announced.

(4) New mecha from Gundam 00F
Some new Gundam designs from Gundam 00F. Quite awesome, the one with the most obvious Gundam face sure looks like Gundam Unicorn in Destroy Mode to me ^^

Anyone know their names? Images from SRW Hotnews

(5) Other upcoming Gundam merchandises
Sangokuden Peach Orchard Oath Set - December, 1,890 Yen. This is based on the famous event at the beginning of the story where Liu Bei, Kuan Yu and Zhang Fei sworn their oath as brothers. Paper dioramas of the peach orchard scene and the fight scene are included.

As compared to Gunplas in clear plastic in the past, this Sangokuden set looks way better. I suppose it's because of the colors chosen to be used for the clear plastics are better this time.
Image from Hobby Net

Other merchandises announced:
HCM-Pro Ground Type GM - Release date N/A
HCM-Pro GM Sniper (08th MS Team Ver.) - Release date N/A