Sunday, November 11, 2007

More MS Girls

More cute girls in robot-armors ^^

I always find this photo funny: although the girl in this photo isn't exactly in Gundam armor, her boyfriend is Gundam himself!
If you're a hardcore Gundam fan, can you imagine yourself as the Gundam in this picture when you go out shopping with your girlfriend? XD

The Zeon girls from yesterday grow up and turn into Titans girls ^^

Probably the most realistic MS girls around ^^; Looks like some Gundam fans' plan for cosplay event to me~

Also, there are those unrelated to Gundam as well:

There's a series called Busou Shinki (武装神姫) featuring girls who can dock with airplanes. I don't think these are from the series though.

Grand Convoy from Transformers Superlink!

Back to MS Girls, if you think there's no models based on them, well, think again:

Tips of an iceberg: Rick-Dom girls! from Z.M.M. Zeono Musume

I'm pretty sure there are more models of MS Girls, just have to look for them ^^ Anyway, enjoy Gundam 00 Episode 6 everybody!