Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Delta Plus More Popular than Kshatriya?

According to the recent regular survey done by Gundam Dot Info, 45 percent out of 4,386 participants chose MSN-001A1 Delta Plus as their wishful MG after Sinanju Ver Ka. The number is pretty much half of the total participants.

Disappointingly for me, NZ-666 Kshatriya trails behind with 24.65 percent of votes, 20 percent lower than Delta Plus.

Full result as below:
(1) MSN-001A1 Delta Plus - 45.23%
(2) NZ-666 Kshatriya - 24.65%
(3) RGZ-95 ReZEL - 9.83%
(4) RX-0 Unit 2 Banshee - 6.93%
(5) AMS-129 Geara Zulu - 4.33%
(6) D-50C Loto - 2.58%
(7) RGM-96X Jesta - 2.21%
(8) AMS-129M Zee-Zulu - 2.17%
(9) AMA-X7 Shamblo - 2.07%

Two more interesting findings from the survey above:
- Only 6.93% of the participants actually desire the alternate version of Unicorn, "Banshee" despite the massive popularity of the original white version. I bet Bandai's going to go ahead with its plan to just change the V-Fin and release Banshee by next year, but maybe we can anticipate a much lower reception for it than MG Unicorn last year?

Knowing Bandai's strategy, probably the Double Gatling would be in to hype Banshee's popularity. ^^;

- 2.07% of the participants actually desire AMA-X7 Shamblo. It's a Mobile Armor! XD I can't imagine the size of the model if Bandai is crazy enough to even plan for this MG. XD Not to mention the price as well ^^;

But I take that the list above pretty much covers all the new units that appear in Gundam Unicorn, so there's really not many choices actually. But still, it's like 88 people actually wish for Shamblo to be MG-lized, not one or two, so that's still quite a surprise for me XD

Personally, I pick Kshatriya anytime. Delta Plus? Not really interested because of the rather dull (personal opinion) color scheme. I prefer the golden MSN-001 Delta Gundam over Delta Plus, but it's not an unit in Gundam Unicorn, strictly speaking.

Information and images from Gundam Dot Info