Monday, November 10, 2008

Banpresto's Mileina Vashti & Others

Mileina Vashti has replaced Neena as the cutest girl in Gundam Double O! ^^ And Banpresto quickly moves in to release a figurine of her. Fans of Mileina may rejoice, and many would probably be depressed as well, because she'll be released as a prize item.

I'm not sure if this is a continuation of the DX Heroine series, which has Neena and Feldt as the next releases in November. There are two different types, with different face expressions and hand gestures.

Anyway, folks who are interested will have to hold on till the fourth week of May to meet her. No information on the price at the moment.

Oops! ... ... Ahem! ^^;

Images from GA Graphic.

In before Mileina Vashti, the protagonist Gundam, 00 Gundam will get its share to be released as a prize item as well. DX Display Model Special 00 will be available in third week of March. No price given yet, but it should be 1,450 Yen (speculation based on the previous release of Hi-Nu Gundam from the same series.)

Sharp painting (look at the face) and action pose :)

Images from GA Graphic.

Also, the 14th Prize Fair was held in Tokyo just two days ago (6th November), with prize items scheduled for April till June 2009 on display. Mileina Vashti and 00 Gundam were among the items, but there were of course plenty others as well. We look at just look at the Gundam section here:

V Gundam DX Display Model Repaint - the original release with a new paint scheme. February release, 1,450 Yen (HLJ listing).

Kiba Musha Real Figure Special Color Ver. Knight Gundam mentioned the other day. February release, 1,450 Yen

Shining & Rising Gundam from the Gundam Humable Model series, Vol. 3 to be exact.

April release. Image from Toysdaily.

SCM Ex Zaku II and GM - Looks just like the ones from Ramba Ral Special and G-3 Gundam Special respectively to me.

SCM Ex Gouf and Gundam I think.
References: SCM Ramba Ral Special: Gouf and SCM Ex Gundam.

Mileina Vashti & 00 Gundam mentioned above.

New Musha Gundams spotted: On the left is Ryuhjin Doushi Nu. Next to him is Gounetsu Karakurishi Double Zeta. Names based on their BB Senshi equivalence. ^^

Previously released Kiba Musha to be reissued next year? Musha Zeta, Kiba Musha, Musha Gundam, and Musha Mk. II.

Toysdaily pointed out that Musha Gundam and Gounetsu Karakurishi Double Zeta will be released as a set in May called Musha Five: the Chapters of Water and Fire (fancy name ^^). Musha Mk. II and Ryuhjin Doushi Nu will be released in the month after that, called the Chapters of Wind and Sky

Images from Toysdaily.

I guess Musha Zeta and Kiba Musha above complete the gang of five ^^

Future releases in the Gundam Weathering & Light Figure Zeon SP series: Gouf Custom, Dom, Gyan and Gelgoog Mass Productive Type.

New releases for the Impressive Shin Key Chain series? GP01Fb reverse thruster action is cool enough, Qubeley is even better ^^

Gundam 00 mugs XD

Images from Dengeki Online.