Saturday, November 08, 2008

Arche Gundam, Trilobite & HCM-Pro Selavee

Design of Arche Gundam, Trilobite and O Raiser:

The GN Drive of Trilobite is located at the edge of its tail ^^;

And, the first official antagonist Gundam in Gundam Double O I suppose, Arche Gundam. Looks much weirder than the Thrones in Season One. Serve very well as the design for a villain though. The giant GN Sword is still there, but it's mounted on the very long right forearm of Arche instead of on the shoulder as seen on Throne Zwei.

It has seemingly a jet's beak, and wings on the waist armors. Transformation feature is not being mentioned in the text though, but I bet it's there.

A transformable villainous Gundam, coming so soon in the series. How about that ^^;

On the other hand, the promo image for HCM-Pro Selavee shows that its has (at least) two equipments yet to be revealed, much like HCM-Pro Arios.

Looks like there are (indeed) more tricks in this Gundam than its Gundam Face Burst mode that was out of the bag as early as Episode One. I'm betting on another Gundam 'hanging' on the back of Selavee. Speculations anyone? ^^

February 2009 release, 4,200 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images from 4Chan Imageboard.

* Being a image from 4Chan, I'm extra cautious this time. Check elsewhere, and the special equipment is confirmed on Amiami. The website says the content of this HCM-Pro has "secret gimmick" (秘密のギミック) and equipment yet to be revealed, the "gimmick-related weapon" (? - ギミック関連武装).

Highly anticipatable. ^^