Friday, January 23, 2009

Future BB Senshi Sangokuden Releases & Others

New hobby magazine scans revealing more details of BB Senshi Sangokuden Ma Chao Blue Destiny Unit 1 and Huang Zhong Gundam Mk. II:

Ma Chao has awesome head gear ^^

Huang Zhong should be Super Gundam (Gundam Mk. II + G Defenser) ^^

The quality of the design is out of the question, both of them carries more components and has more options than the previous releases. It really nice to see that their prices are still kept at 630 Yen each (inclusive of tax). BB Senshi Sangokuden kits turn from 'value buy' to 'super-value buy' XD

Ma Chao will be released in March, followed by Huang Zhong the next month after that.

On the other hand, new images of Zeonic Eyes and SD Gundam Impact Vol. 3. The earlier is a series of Zeon MS heads with movable mono-eye camera, as well as lighting effect. All 5 types, 5cam tall each. Late January release, 300 Yen each.

SD Gundam Impact Vol. 3 has all 7 types featuring ZZ, Qubeley, Musha Gundam, Johnny Ridden's Customized High Mobility Type Zaku II, 00 Gundam and O Raiser. 3cm tall each. Mid January release, 100 Yen each.

All images from Toysdaily: BB Senshi Sangokuden, Zeonic Eyes & SD Gundam Impact Vol. 3.