Sunday, January 04, 2009

May the Money be with You

Note: Another one of my old drafts. This one was written back in July 2008. ^^;

One of the pleasure I enjoy in blogging is encountering merchandises that are either super-awesome in terms of quality, or their prices. For the first category of excitement, I can find it easily on most Gunpla releases nowadays, especially when it comes to Zeon mecha series. ^^

Luckily for me (and most Gundam fans), the excitement of those awesome Gunplas can still be matched with our financial ability, and we'll be able to purchase them. In my case, I usually get my Gunplas not immediately after their releases, but probably months later. Some of my wish list items dated since previous year. But what's more important is: we have enough money to own them, sooner or later.

There are however, collectibles out there which are almost impossible for us to touch, not only because of their limited production, but most importantly, their high prices, which will make you jump right out of your seats the moment you see them. Looking at the prices of these expensive merchandises while wondering who would buy them is something I find myself do (and enjoy) quite often ^^;

Just when you think Perfect Change Cybaster was expensive enough... ^^;

Darth Vader Bronze Statue - Limited production of 50 worldwide. Height: 53cm, weight: 28kgs. US$5,000 (exclusive of transformation fee). Currently sold out.

sideshow_bronze_vader_01_s sideshow_bronze_vader_02_s sideshow_bronze_vader_03_s
US$ 5,000 = RM 16,330 = 536,610 Yen = 26 PG GP01/GP01Fb or 107 MG Shin Musha.

Life-size R2-D2 - About 1 meter tall. Estimated shipping date is Quarter 3 of 2008. US$5,450 (inclusive of US$950 non-refundable deposit for ordering). Shipping cost not included.

sideshow_lifesize_R2D2_01_s sideshow_lifesize_R2D2_02_s sideshow_lifesize_R2D2_03_s
US$5,450 = RM17,800 = 584,800 Yen

Life-size C-3PO - About 1.7 meter tall. Estimated shipping date is Quarter 3 of 2008. US$5,950 (inclusive of US$950 non-refundable deposit for ordering). Shipping cost not included.

sideshow_lifesize_C3PO_01_s sideshow_lifesize_C3PO_02_s sideshow_lifesize_C3PO_03_s
sideshow_lifesize_C3PO_04_s sideshow_lifesize_C3PO_05_s sideshow_lifesize_C3PO_06_s
US$5,950 = RM19,430 = 638,560 Yen

Images above are from Sideshow Collectibles. Currency conversion from XE Dotcom, with converted figures rounded.

Another Star Wars figure to be released as a bronze figure is fans' favorite Boba Fett. Like Darth Vader mentioned above, Boba Fett will see a limited world wide production of just 50. It's a 'coming soon' merchandise listed on Sideshow, but Toysdaily reported that this bronze figure will be available two months from now. The price is 900,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).

900,000 Yen = RM27,360
Image from Toysdaily.

There's also a huge scale Millennium Falcon being announced as well. A limited merchandise with price range close to the merchandises mentioned above. Too bad I lost the link to it.

All the items mentioned just now are from the Star Wars series (hence the title ^^). It's reasonable to say that since the movies were out in the late 70s, the teenage fans back then would be working adults nowadays, and they would have the financial ability to budget for these expensive collectibles. But then again, what about family expenses? kids' education? loans? savings? It's kind-of depressing to think about these issues, but reality is reality, and hobbies always comes after daily necessities. And when you've thought through all those issues and eventually made your purchase, brace yourselves as you move to your room with the your stuff in front of your parents/wife/girlfriend. ^^;

Not a big issue if you have too much cash to splash of course ^^;

Satisfying one's childhood dream and fantasy is no longer easy as we're too far away from that stage eh? ^^; Makes me totally worried about how to maintain my Gunpla-ing hobby in the future ^^;

Truly, may the money be with you ^^;