Monday, January 19, 2009

1/144 Hind Kind

GA Graphic has an extensive review on the upcoming 1/144 Hind Kind from Linebarrels of Iron.

Made by Kotobukiya, the emphasis for such a bulky mecha seems to be its articulation. Let's see how Kotobukiya's progressing in the mecha plamo industry as compared to the leader Bandai.

That's quite a lot of parts for a 1/144 scale model, but folks who assembled Alteisen Riese or Rein Weissritter would probably say, "Nah~ That's nothing." XD

Very wide articulation range for the knee, and since the armor doesn't extend till the back of the legs, I don't think the movement of the knee will be affected by it.

Even Kotobukiya has started utilizing ball-type joint for the skirt armors. ^^

If you're too used to the Gundam universe, you'll probably be wondering where the feet are in the picture XD

Too bad we didn't get to see how good the articulation of the elbow is in comparison to its very impressive knee joint.

Ball type joint spotted for the waist ^^

The display base is included, which seems a bit too small as compared to the model itself XD

For a 1/144 scale model, the size of Hind Kind is definitely unmatchable by the ones from HG Gundam Double O series.

"Unmatchable" as I said, because the height of this model is 180mm, which is the height of a regular MG. Some parts are pre-painted.

Apart from the articulation, Kotobukiya is also showing a lot of improvement in terms of designing the parts. Components like the elbow and shoulder joints had their parting lines covered up real nicely. The leg armor is molded as a single piece for the same purpose. As compared to many older Armored Core and SRW OG models with clearly visible parting lines here and there, the company certainly improves a lot in this series.

For interested fans, 1/144 Hind Kind will be available by late January at 5,040 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images from GA Graphic.